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Q-Connect Q15CC Cross Cut Shredder Security Level P4 Bin Capacity 35L KF15554
Fellowes Powershred 485Ci Cross-Cut Shredder 4699001
Fellowes Powershred 425Ci Cross-Cut Shredder 4698001
Fellowes 225Ci Cross-Cut Shredder 4622101
Fellowes 225i Strip-Cut Shredder 4623101
Fellowes Powershred 99Ci Cross-Cut Shredder 4691101
Powershred® 90S Strip-Cut Shredder
Powershred® 325Ci Cross-Cut Shredder
Powershred® 325i Strip-Cut Shredder
Rexel RLWS35 Wide Entry Strip-Cut P-2 Shredder Black/Silver 2103035
Rexel RLWX25 Wide Entry Cross-Cut P-4 Shredder Black 2103025
Rexel Wide Entry RLWM26 Cross Cut Shredder 175 Litre 26 Sheet Black/Silver 2103026
Rexel Wide Entry RLWS47 Strip Cut Shredder 175 Litre 47 Sheet Black/Silver 2103047
Fellowes Powershred 485i Strip Cut Shredder 132 Litre 40 Sheet Black/Grey 4699501
Fellowes Powershred 425i Strip Cut Shredder 114 Litre 40 Sheet Black/Grey 4698501
Fellowes Powershred 8Cd Cross Cut Shredder 14 Litre 8 Sheet Black 4692201
Fellowes Powershred 8Mc Micro Cut Shredder 14 Litre 8 Sheet Black 4692601
Bonsaii 3S30 Cross Cut Shredder 30 Litre 18 Sheet Black
Bonsaii 4S30 Micro Cut Shredder 30 Litre 10 Sheet White
Bonsaii 5S30 Micro Cut Shredder 30 Litre 5 Sheet White
Intimus 1000 S SP2 4mm Strip Cut Shredder251102
Intimus 1000 C CP3 4x48mm Cross Cut Shredder251152
Intimus 100 SP2 4mm Strip Cut Shredder224102
Intimus 100 CP4 4x36mm Cross Cut Shredder224152
Intimus 100 CP5 2x15mm Cross Cut Shredder224172
Intimus 120 SP2 6mm Strip Cut Shredder227132
Intimus 120 SP2 4mm Strip Cut Shredder227102
Intimus 120 CP4 4x36mm Cross Cut Shredder227152
Intimus 120 CP4 4x36mm Cross Cut Shredder with Oiler227722
Intimus 120 CP5 2x15mm Cross Cut Shredder227172
Intimus 120 CP5 2x15mm Cross Cut Shredder with Oiler227832
Intimus 130 SP2 4mm Strip Cut Shredder225102
Intimus 130 CP4 4x36mm Cross Cut Shredder225152
Intimus 130 CP5 2x15mm Cross Cut Shredder225172
Intimus 175 SP2 6mm Strip Cut Shredder297122
Intimus 175 CP4 4x40mm Cross Cut Shredder297132
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