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Swizzels Bumper Bag 180g (Pack of 12) FOSWI023A
Swizzels Lots of Lollies 180g (Pack of 12) FOSWI045
Swizzels Drumstick Squashies Raspberry/Milk 160g (Pack of 10) FOSWI013
Swizzels Originals Parma Violets 170g (Pack of 12) FOSWI012
Swizzels Drumstick Squashies Bubblegum 160g (Pack of 10) FOSWI028
Swizzels Originals Love Hearts 170g (Pack of 12) FOSWI026B
Foxs Glacier Mints Sharing Bag 200g (No artifical colours or flavours) (Pack of 12) 0401004
Tic Tac Mini 4 Pieces (Pack of 1000) 0401169
Foxs Glacier Fruits Sharing Bag 200g (Pack of 12) 0401003
Chewbz Retro Sweets Cube Assorted 1201052
Haribo Giant Yellow Bellies 24 Sweets Tub 096444
Haribo Giant Dummies 60 Sweet Tub 135440
Haribo Starmix Minis 16g Bags (Pack of 100) 72443
Haribo Tangfastics Minis 20g Bags (Pack of 100) HB91191
Maoam Blox Chews 40 Sweets Tub (Pack of 40) 50542
Haribo Giant Strawbs 100 Sweet Drum 9547
Haribo Starmix Sweets 160g Bag (Pack of 12) 730730
Haribo Supermix Share Size Bag 160g (Pack of 12) 727730
Haribo Giant Strawbs Sweets Share Size Bag 160g (Pack of 12) 095730
Nestle Rowntrees Fruit Pastelles Giant Tube 115g 12481268
Nestle Yorkie Raisin and Biscuit 44g (Pack of 24) 12360869
Chupa Chups The Best Of Lollipops (Pack of 10) 8401976
Chupa Chups Fruit Refill Bag 20 Percent Extra (Pack of 120) 8302971
Chupa Chups Party Mix Sweets (Pack of 34) 728424
Mentos Rainbow Sweets (Pack of 40) 2063
Mentos Chewy Dragee Fruit 175g 315
Fruittella Duo Stix Bag 160g 1717
Fruittella Juicy Chews 180g 1181
Fruittella Reduced Sugar Strawberry 120g 1225
Chupa Chups Lollipops Wheel 180 Plus 20 Free (Pack of 200) 8402021
Mentos Mint Sweets (Pack of 40) 2025
Mentos Fruit Sweets (Pack of 40) 2027
Smint Mint Original (Pack of 12) 8402615
Whitworths Shots Berry and White Chocolate 25g (Pack of 16) C005082
Whitworths Shots Toffee and Pecan 25g (Pack of 16) C005108
Whitworths Shots Fruity Biscuit 25g (Pack of 16) C005086
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